Introduction: Atari FlashBack 2 - Fix Broken Joystick (3D Print)

A couple of months ago I picked up a Atari Flashback 2 from a charity store for $10. The only problem was that someone was so excited they broke the joysticks. What better use of a 3D printer than to generate new joystick parts.

What to model the part from? Well....I found one of those Atari TV plugin games at Goodwill that worked perfectly and only cost me $4. I used this as my template on my new design for the Flashback 2 joystick.

Step 1: Dis-assemble the Joystick

4 screws on the base and another screw inside is all it takes to disassemble.

Inside the broken part is easily removed.

Step 2: Print the New Parts

Above you can see a comparison of the parts from the joystick and my printed part.

3 parts are needed to complete the rebuild.

  1. Nipple - This glued into the bottom of the Base.
  2. Base - Presses the membrane switches when joystick is rocked.
  3. Stick - This is glued onto the Base post.

I printed in red, just because it happened to be what I had loaded.

Don't forget to use support material when printing the Base. You do not need support material for the stick if your 3D printer can handle bridging well.

Click Here for thingiverse 3D files

Step 3: Smooth the Base

Some manual smoothing is needed if you are printing with a FDM printer.

I used some 400 grit Wet/Dry sand paper with plenty of water to smooth down the spherical part of the Base and make it move cleanly when back in the joystick case. You do not need a mirror smooth finish but try it in the joystick until if feels good enough.

Step 4: Reassemble and Glue

Following Steps:

  1. Glue the nipple into the bottom of the Base.
  2. Place the Base back into the joystick case and reverse the dis-assembly steps.
  3. Glue the stick onto the Base post
  4. Use and enjoy.