Introduction: Attach a GoPro to a Magnifying Lamp!

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I was looking at my magnifying lamp one day and thought "Hey, it's got a ring light on it, and an arm that can be moved into so many positions - that would be perfect to mount a camera on it!!! So, I came up with a plan and made it happen. Here are some basic steps if you want to build your own. The Magnifying Lamp I used was from harbor freight:

See the youtube video I made for it

Step 1: Remove Clear Plastic Cover From Bottom of Magnifying Lamp

Remove the bottom clear plastic cover that goes over the Florescent Lamp. You'll need a phillips screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cover on.

Step 2: Remove Brackets That Hold Lens and Remove Lens. Reinstall Cover

Remove the screws that hold the brackets that hold the Glass Magnifying lens - phillips screw driver. Remove the lens as well. you can store the lens and reinstall it later if you want. You could also use the lens to burn stuff with the Sun!

Step 3: Cut Donut Shape in Sheet Metal and Smooth Edges

Find some sheet metal and cut a donut shape out of it that matches the dimensions of the top ridge. The donut shape I cut was a 7 and 7/8 inch diameter circle with a 6 1/16th inch hole in it. You'll want to make sure the sheet metal is thick enough - the sheet metal I used was 1/16 inch thick and worked well. Cutting the sheet metal and grinding the edges will be some work. If you have a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade that would probably work the best. You could also drill a whole bunch of holes. I happened to have a plasma cutter that did the rough cutting. I still had to grind down the edges to make them smooth. Drill a hole to start and the use the jigsaw to cut out the hole. Here's a link to sheet metal thickness gauges for reference.

Step 4: Attach a Donut to Lamp

Attach the jelly filled donut to the lamp for 2 minutes until golden brown... All this talk about donuts make me hungry. So use hot glue to attach donut shaped sheet metal to top bezel of lamp. Pause and eat a donut to celebrate your progress.

Step 5: Measure and Cut Steel Bar Stock.

I used a piece of steel 1 inch by 1/8inch thick by 7 and 7/8 inches long. You can use a hack saw, sawzall, side grinder, butter knife,... whatever works best. File or grind off the rough edges and glue magnets to each end. I used 1 inch diameter magnets that were 1/16 thick from After the glue cools, stick the metal bar to the steel ring.

Step 6: Attach Magnets to GoPro Mount

Attach 2 magnets to GoPro Mount. I used 2 of the same sized magnets as Step 5 - (1 inch diameter and 1/8 inch thick from I used heavy duty double sided tape to attach the magnets to the mount.

Step 7: Attach the GoPro Camera to Metal Bar and Enjoy!

Attach the GoPro with magnetic mounting adapter to the metal bar inside the ring bulb on the magnifying lamp and enjoy all the light and angles you can come up with!