Introduction: Attractive Materials Made From Reusable(Plastic and Newspaper) Using "Home Made GLUE" and TAPE

Hi all,

Today I am gonna show you some easy way to use the waste materials(Newspaper and Plastic Bottles). Plastic waste is one of the alarming sign of world pollution. We can use the plastic wastes effectively so that we can save our environment.

I have used the home ready materials for creating all these items. When I started working on this instructable, I am unable to get GUM. It seems silly but yes due to complete lock down all the stationery shops have been closed :( So I thought of finding a solution for this. So I have prepared the GUM at home and used it for all the items I have made.

Come on just go and see what I have made..

Step 1: Preparation of GUM

Step 1:

Yeah we are gonna prepare the GUM now.

Items needed for the preparation

1. All purpose flour/Wheat (5 TBSP)

2. 2 TBSP lemon extract

3. 2 TBSP Salt

4. 1 Tumbler Water

We need to take a bowl and all the dry ingredients together. After that we need to add some water and stir it continuously until all the lumps are removed and the texture should be like batter as shown in the picture

Step 2: Preparation of GUM

Step 2

After preparing the GUM Mixture, we are going to heat the mixture in the stove and stir continuously. We have to stir it continuously until it gets thickened. Once it has got thickened texture stop the stove and keep the bowl aside for 15 to 20 minutes until it gets cooled.

YES now GUM is ready....:) Now it's time for us to make our items.

Step 3: Wall Mounted KEY Holder Stand Using OLD MAGAZINE

Now we are going to see how we are going to make a wall mounted Key Chain Holder using a old Magazine. Come let's start our process

Items required

1. Glue

2. Old Magazine


4.Double side tape

5.Large stick


Step 4: Wall Mounted KEY Holder Stand Using OLD MAGAZINE

Step 1:

Take the magazine and open it to view the center page. Now make a cut at the center and we will get multiple sheets(A4 Size). Now fold the sheets together again and make a cut in the center and we will get multiple sheets as shown in the picture. Take a single piece of the cut paper and roll it on a stick. Start rolling one of the corners of the paper and slowly roll it light. Once you have rolled the entire paper at last you will get a small piece just apply the GUM and stick it to the roll. After applying the gum slowly remove the stick from the roll. Now you will get a stick like paper roll.

Repeat the rolling process for all the pieces of paper and you will get to have multiple rolled sticks of paper as shown in the image.

Step 5: Wall Mounted KEY Holder Stand Using OLD MAGAZINE

Step 2:

Now you have all the rolled sticks ready. Just take two sticks and paste one above another perpendicular to each other but on top apply glue and join both roll sticks. Now add another stick parallel to the one which is added but place it below the horizontal stick, apply glue and stick it. Add sticks in parallel vertically but one top and other bottom of the horizontal stick(Add alternately and glue it).

Likewise after adding vertical sticks now add the stick horizontally like a cross. We need to make sure that the horizontal stick should be added above the vertical stick and below(Add alternately and glue it) as shown in the image.

Add the roll sticks horizontally and vertically till you are reaching the end of the stick. Apply TAPE to each horizontally placed stick. Just to make sure it is strong.

Step 6: Wall Mounted KEY Holder Stand Using OLD MAGAZINE

Step 3:

We will get a square like structure. Now we just need to add some decorative item available at home and give a look to it. I have used a tape and attached the ROSE and Paste a double tape in the center and fix it in the wall as shown in the image. We can stick a key hook in the center and hang the key in the hook. We can add multiple key hooks and hang the keys in this beautifully made wall mount.

Even we can paint or color the sticks if we wish!!!

Yeah now the key punch is ready.

Next we will go on to make another item.


Now we are going to make a pen/pencil stand using plastic bottle.

Items Needed

1. Plastic bottle






First we need to the bottle and mark the lower end like a ring with the help of a marker. Now carefully cut the plastic bottle along the ring which you have drawn. Remove the top part. Now in the bottom part, use TAPE and just paste in half inside and half outside in order to use it safe. It should not hurt your hands. Now the pen stand is almost ready...

Step 8: Painting the PLASTIC PEN STAND(Home Made Paint) Using GLUE

Now we are going to decorate the plastic pen stand. Now am gonna show you how I have prepared paint at home with GLUE and other ingredients available at home.

We all know, we need four main components for paint preparation Pigment, binder, liquid and additives. I have shown below all the ingredients I have used in Paint making Process

Pigment - Yellow color (Turmeric)

Binder - GLUE

Liquid - Water

Additives - Talcum Powder

Step 9: PAINT Preparation Using GLUE

Now add all the ingredients together. Talcum Powder(2 TBSP), GUM(Equivalent to Talcum Powder), Turmeric(As required) and mix it well. Add some water and stir it continuously till it comes to liquid paint texture. Yeah now the PAINT is ready...

We can Paint the Plastic bottle using this yellow paint :)

Step 10: Pen Stand Using WASTE PLASTIC BOTTLE

Now after painting the paint to the plastic bottle, I have used green marker to draw some impressions on it just to give a look to it. We can decorate it as per our wish. Now take unused old hairband and just insert it on top of the pen stand. Yes, now the pen stand is ready to use. Just keep all your pen, pencils, essential stationery items inside it. We can also use this for planting a sapling.

Step 11: PAPER BAG Using GLUE

Now we are going to see, how to make a Paper Bag just using GLUE. Plastic is a major concern when we speak about environmental pollution. We should avoid using Plastic Covers and make use of Paper Bags.

It's easy to make actually. All we need is a paper.

Items Needed:

1.One Large News paper




5.Rope tag or thick thread


Open the paper fully(double side). Apply glue fully on one side and make the other side stick on to it. Just by using scale press it all the sides to make sure that the papers got sticked well.

Now fold the paper at the bottom for about 2 to 3 cm. Apply glue on to it and stick it well. After that fold the remaining paper, Just bring the other end of the paper and paste it on to the top of the folded end. Apply GUM all over the surface and paste it.

Step 13:

Now rotate it just to the adjacent side, fold the paper as shown in the image. After folding, if you just open the folded end, we will get to see as shown in the picture (as we do gift wrapping). Now just fold both the triangular ends, apply glue and make the top and bottom end stick together with the help of glue. Place the bottom end first and stick the top end with glue.

After sticking it. If we see open and just fold all the three ends as needed we will get the bag...:)

Yes it's that easy.

Step 14: PAPER BAG Using GLUE

Now just put two holes on top of the bag. Insert the tag and knot it inside. After knotting it just stick both ends with a TAPE. Do the same process on the other side too. YEAH, the bag is ready now. We can carry weightless items, if we are going to purchase some veggies or anything we can take this along with us. We can color the bag as well. If you see I have sketched using GREEN color. Just hang it in your door knob and use it when required.

Step 15: THANK YOU ALL :)

I just want to say thanks to all for going through my instructable. :)

I have just tried it with easily available items at home. GLUE and TAPE both are most needed to complete this work.

"SAY NO TO PLASTIC" "Save our environment"

Do try this at your home and let me know the feedback.

Thank You !!!!!

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