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Introduction: MineCraft Auto Sugar Cane Farmer

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(Let there Be LightMan)Sugar cane is used in plenty of Minecraft recipes(books, sugar and what not) and that's only if your not in a modded World. Sugar cane is used to make Paper, and paper is used to make books, which ultimately is needed to make Enchanting Tables. Sugar cane takes a long time to grow and is annoying to harvest because if you break the bottom stock of Cane and just replant it it takes a longer time to grow more than just harvesting the second peice of cane on the plant making it a hard plant to harvest quickly. This machine takes away all those problems and the long odious task of harvesting it by hand by using redstone and game mechanics. Stay tuned if you want learn how to create one.

What is needed:

8 Sticky Pistons

56 Cobblestone( Might as well use a stack)

32 redstone(Less depending on where you place the farm harvest lever)

8 sugar cane(if you don't have 8 pieces that's alright you only need 1 piece to get yourself started)

1 Hopper

1 chest(2 if you want a double chest)

1 lever

4 Redstone Repeaters

8 Dirt Blocks( 8 more if you plan on doubling it)

Some torches to light the area up(So Endermen do not steal so vital component)

Step 1: The Trench

Begin with a cobble stone base( as it is the cheapest to make) 8 Long and 1 wide. Attach sides that are parallel with the cobblestone, they must be made of dirt blocks so the sugar cane can grow on them. also Light it up. When sides are attached fill the trench you have made with water.In the End it should look like this.

Step 2: Planting and Harvester

You can plant the sugar cane right now as it will not affect the building of the harvester. when that's done Build a 9 long 4 wide platform behind the sugar cane so that the extra hangs over the front side. The Platform must be on the same level as the sugar cane. Then place down 8 sticky pistons next to each other one block away from the edge facing the sugar cane. Make Sure they are facing the sugar cane so they push blocks into the sugarcane. Cover the fronts of the Sticky Pistons with any block(in this case i used wood). this is so that when the pistons are activated they don't glitch the sugar cane into crashing your game. in the end it should look like this.

Step 3: Wiring Up the Redstone

Time to Wire the Redstone. Place redstone repeaters so that there is one space in between them.Place redstone in between the repeaters so the hook into the Pistons. Place a straight line of redstone behind the repeaters so that both the redstone and the repeaters connect to it. Then Wire the redstone done to were you want to place the lever, if the redstone signal does not reach the place where you want it to go use repeaters to extend the signal. In the End it should look like this.

Step 4: Collection and Storage

Were almost done. Take the Hopper and place it at the end of the water flow but not so that it is covered in water. place a chest under the Hopper, make sure they connect or all the Sugar Cane will stay in the Hopper. In the End it Should look like this

Step 5: Extra

If you Know how to you can use More Hoppers like pipes to Make the Sugar cane go farther than the chest it collects into. An that's it, if not all the sugar cane goes into the trench try adding a second row of pistons with blocks in front of them. if some of them still get caught on the other side of the trench try adding a wall 2 High on the other side of the trench. If you know another way how to do this farmer Post a comment telling me how you do it or how you might improve it(I LOVE it when comment and give me feedback on my projects). If you want me to do another farmer like this drop me a message but until Then See You Next Time Minecraft Fans

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