Introduction: Automatic Door Closer

a simple weight-based door closing system


3d printed parts


weight (about as heavy as a medium sized book)

Step 1: Stick 3d Printed Parts to Door and Wall

using tape, glue or anything else that comes off very easily, attach the piece with a square to the top moving part of the door so the hoops face where the door swings out.

then add the triangle pieces so the string can fall straight down.

in the image, the white box is the door and the grey back is the wall.

Step 2: Thread String Through the Holes and Tape

take your string and thread it through the holes on the piece with the square bring the string down with extra below it, tape it down and fold the extra string up and the tape that down, this makes it so the string cant just slip out of the tape.

they tie the other end to something that weighs enough so that it will close the door but not enough so it makes it hard to open.

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