How to Make Automatic Rotating Egg Tray From PVC and Wood

Introduction: How to Make Automatic Rotating Egg Tray From PVC and Wood

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If you have seen hen turning there eggs you may notice that it tends to rotate the egg fully by there feet it's most common and effective technique ,it turns the embryo inside the egg and don't left any chance to stick inside the shell that's why this tray is best method for making automatic incubator tray.

Step 1: Tools and Equipments

Nut bolts x 8
PVC end cap x 2

Pvc pipe 9.5 inches x 4

Pvc Pipe 1 inch of 1.5 inches lenght

Asmo Motor

Wood pieces sides 9.5 inches x 2

Wood pieces supports 30 cm x 2


Screws half inches and 1 inches

Drill Machine with bits and screw driver

Insulation tape

Step 2: Making Pipes Rollers

Make a hole in the center of end cap tighten the bolt with nut and place it over the pipe make 4 of them.

Sand the whole pipe so the egg get to roll on them otherwise it will slip and will not work great.

Step 3: Sides and Supports

Make a 1.5 inches mark from the right side and then make a 2.25 inches apart of 3 more points and drill a hole in them be sure to stack the other pieces beneath it for exact same dimension on both pieces.

Place the roller pipes in them and than drill holes in 30 cm pieces edges and tighten them on edges of side pieces.

Step 4: Rolling the Pipes at Once

Sand the edges of pvc pipe by sandpaper or by sharp thing so the insulation tape can hold on it then put the insulation tape on the edges and joint the first two pipe with zip ties and do the same on the rest.

Step 5: Making the Motor Ready

Take 1 inches pvc pipe piece and drill a hole in it for times in x shape run a screw in it by placing it over the motor shaft round it very slowly until it tighten .

Take out the first pipe remove end cap and put the motor on that pieces make the length of it low according to the space in motor need in that area,tighten it up with screws,place the zip ties again and put the eggs on it.

This is how you are can make automatic egg rolling tray so if you can turn them for 1 minute after every 5 hours so just switch it on and off otherwise attach it with digital timer which can turn them for minute every two hours.

If you Don't understand something please watch the video and vote for this instructable.

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