Automatic Temperature Regulator

Introduction: Automatic Temperature Regulator

This project is to help you automatically and electronically to control and remain the same temperature in a fair range, also in the comfortable temperature for people to stay in relatively. In a constant area, or specifically a room, without factors involve to change the temperature, this regulator would work successfully. By using the servo motor to activate and modify the wind speed from the fan, in order to comfort the people within the temperature.


Arduino Leonardo Board *1

Arduino Servo Motor *1

Arduino Temperature Sensor LM35 *1


Fan (Could be controlled by remote) *1

Fan remote controller *1


Step 1: Arduino Board Setup

Set up the servo motor and LM35 temperature detector on the board with wires connecting each. Make sure to connect the positive and negative side to the corresponding intersections, also the right Dpin to insert. Make sure to connect the Arduino board to a computer or power adapter.

Step 2: Arduino Code

This is the code, connect the board, then upload the code to the board through devices.


Step 3: Compound the Materials

Stick the servo motor to the remote controller, which directly pointing the fan, in order to adjust the wind power successfully.

Step 4: Try It Out

Done and try! have a great experience enjoying the temperature!

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