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Introduction: Automatic Turning Egg Incubator Tray From Wood

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Hi and welcome to my instructable, In this project I am making automatic turning tray for eggs to be used in incubator ,it,s very simple mechanism and easy to make because It doesn't need much tools ,this model is tilting the tray more than 45 degrees which is needed in egg turning so the embryo doesn't stuck in with the egg shell which is not good for the developing chick,If we don't use this tray we have to turn the eggs by hand which is time consuming and make it high rate in breaking the shells or spread germs by hands.If you like this project you would also like this model in pvc pipe

Which also have won 2nd and 3rd place in different contests.

Please like this project and If you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: Tools and Things You Need

wood pieces

21 cm x 3

25 cm x 5

27 cm x 4


Drill machine

Wire Cutter

Screw Driver

Inch tape

Electrical tape

Pen for marking

Drill Bits

Nut bolts

1.5 inches screws x 12

0.5 inches screws x 2

Printer low RPM motor asmo made

PVC U shape

Jublee Clip

12v connector

Step 2: Making Rectangles

We have to make two rectangles which are same in size one will be used as a base and another will be a tray tilter.

Drill holes on the side edges on 25 cm pieces and connect them to 27 cm pieces from the sides .

I am using screws because they hold the wood without a glue and make powerful joints.

Step 3: Giving It Pillars

After we make the rectangles we need pillars, take those 21 cm pieces and drill holes in the edges sides,mark the center on the rectangle sides which is 4.75 inches and make a hole in it as well ,joint the pillar and rectangles by the screw make another hole in the pillar just right next to it and tighten it up with another screw.

After we attach both the pillars we have to make the holes for holding the tilting rectangle ,mark upto to 3 inches and make a hole with bigger drill bit so the bolt can pass through it .

Step 4: Stand for the Motor

Take 25 cm piece and lay it over the rectangle near to pillar ,secure it by the screws.We will attach the motor on it.

Step 5: Preparing the Tilter

Mark upto 3 hole 1 inches apart on the tilt rectangle side where we will attach the motor,make holes on the 21cm piece on every inches apart and put the bolt in the hole through that piece and connect it to the rectangle side.

Step 6: Making the Motor Ready

I am using the low rpm printer motor which is asmo made , make a hole in the u pvc part from the front side where the bolt will inserted ,put it over the motor shaft and drill holes with the smaller bit on two sides tighten it with the 0.5 screws.

Step 7: Attaching the Motor and Finishing It

Attacth the motor over it's stand with jublee clip, insert it's bolt in the stick ,joint the 12v connector with motor and it's working great ,the movement and slow rpm is making it ideal turner,just put the egg tray over it and tighten it with the ziptie ,put the eggs on the tray.

Please Like this project and if you don't understand something please watch the video :)

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