Introduction: Automotive Industry Style Life Size Mechanical Platform Robot 6 Foot Tall in Detroit.

I will build with you an life size robot using automotive parts and adapter plates with some linear actuators I also have created in the past . Now you have the mechanical platform you need to add your computer and program to make it do your bidding.

With the this "Open Mechanical Platform" I hope to spread around the world at low cos like Henry FORD did. ( I am in his city "The D" . I have always been interested in and done a lot of research on his success, and am a member of the Henry Ford Museum to be at the Makers show ever year.

You add the computer controller to activate the motors and make your guy move to get you a cup of coffee and help grandma to get around, maybe a sign waver or moving talking maniqiuin.

Ask me any questions on how to get one for yourself.

Step 1: The Legs

I built the legs from machined plates and rod ends

Step 2: The Pelvis

I built the pelvis fro a plate I machined and screwed in the legs.

Step 3: The Arms

I build arms from rod ends and adapter plates Ii machined.

Step 4: The Shoulders

I built the shoulders and added a bent threaded spine from a plate I machined also.

Step 5: The Lower Assembly

I attached the legs the pelvis the spine the shoulders using automotive parts.

Step 6: Motor Wiring

I added a wiring control panel and two battery's for the liner actuators I build.

Step 7:

Add a head.

Say one that is sorta android but human.

Step 8: Skin

Add a cast copy of a skin.

To make ROBO more animatronic more lifelike, maybe more human.