Autumn Cape & Colorful Forests




Introduction: Autumn Cape & Colorful Forests

It's getting colder and colder, the leaves are turning into reds, yellows, oranges and all the forests become an autumn wonderland!
Why not join this event with your own colorful, warm and cozy AUTUMN CAPE?!

Step 1: Get Your Idea! Get Your Stuff!

Starting from scratch also means to start with your imagination!
What do you wan your cape to look like?
Which features do I want?
What fabric to use?

You are about to need ..
- about 2m of fabric and lining. Cotton too if you'd like to do so.
- scissors
- needles
- sewing machine
-good music to have fun

Here you can see my design idea, my checked plate wool fabric and some basic tools you'll need.
TIP: check out your local fabric stores or fabric markets to find some nice offers or sales! :)

Step 2: ZippZapp, Cutting Out the Pieces

With your tools and your design by your side, it's time to cut out the pieces you'll need.

TIP: use one of your other jackets to get the idea of measuring the shoulder width, length and add a nice angle to the sides to have plenty of fabric.

You need:
  • - 1 backside and 2 front sides from your normal fabric (frontside~1/2 backside),
  • an oblong square for the collar
  • - 1 backside and 2 front sides from lining
  • - 1 backside and 2 front sides from cotton (if you want it even more cozy)

Step 3: Preparation & Adding

Once you have all your pieces cut out (with or without the cotton) you need to bring them together!
Combine the fabric pieces of wool with each other. Same for the lining.

Picture 2 shows you my adding of 2 tucks into the backside. This way the fabric is more nicely around the neck.
Picture 3 shows you the collar. Sewing the parts together I stiffed them by ironing in fleece.

Let's move on with the possibility of adding cotton...

Step 4: Optional - Adding Cotton

A lot of winter jackets are really plushy. That's because of the cotton added between the two layers of fabric. I thought about doing this to my cape, but in the end I was not really satisfied with how it turned out. And so I had to remove it all again.

Nevertheless, I will guide you trough this if You would like to use cotton!!
To fix the cotton sew it together with your lining. You should add some more seams to really stitch them together! Think about this as an decorative issue. Therefore I decided to go with this freehand lined seams :D

Step 5: All for One...

We're getting closer and closer to finish the AUTUMN CAPE :D

After combining lining and cotton, let's put it together with the wool fabric. To have closed edges, layer the pieces in reverse mode (good side on good side), add your collar in between, sew them together except for the bottom side/hemline and turn everything around.

TIP: I Added some leather features and therefore I simply stitched the pieces together in the right order. Using the leather to hide the edges!

After all this, you can close the hemline (fold both sides to the inside and sew everything together)

Step 6: And One for All...Moments

YEAH! We are done! The AUTUMN CAPE is done! now you can add single details to it. Like Buttons or patches or leather, like I did. :)

Have fun with your cape and believe me: I am not freezing at all!!

If you liked my tutorial please vote for me at the >sew warm contestI am happy about your support! ;)

Have a nice and cozy warm sewing everyone!

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    8 years ago

    Made it! After a winter of seriously studying all the seams on my wool coat and a spring/summer of other things getting in the way, finally got around to making one :D!

    14, 8:58 PM.jpg
    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh MY GOSH!!
    It is so beautiful!! And very well done!! <3 I love it and I can see the love and work you put into it!!!
    Thx so much for sharing this with me and others


    8 years ago on Step 6

    great garment! really like the vintage look " a la SherlockHolmes" ! thank you for sharing your instructions!

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    9 years ago on Introduction

    still taking part in the 'sew warm contest'. I don't Need to be 1st place, but I would love to try out the dress form to create even bettr Fashion and costumes!

    So, please give me a vote! Thank you guys! :D

    Kion Designs
    Kion Designs

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thx guys for your lovely and helpful feedback! I might add some better pics of the cape later..
    And girls! GO FOR IT! make your own sweet cape

    Beautiful! I just love capes and have been wanting to make one for myself! Maybe I'll finally do it. Thanks for posting, I just love the fabric you used :)


    9 years ago

    Ohhh this is perfect! And looks so warm and comfy. Thanks for the great instructable


    9 years ago

    Lovely cape! I've been wanting to sew a cape forever. :D


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cute first picture but... too much forest, too little cape! :-)
    Seriously, great instructable & pics!