Autumn Themed Door Mat/rug

Introduction: Autumn Themed Door Mat/rug

Autumn is by far the most festive of seasons, so why not make your house decorative, stylish and in season. You could just go to the store and buy a rug, or you can make your own free rug, and feel accomplished that you just made a real welcome mat. This can all be achieved with a couple of simple materials. So why not add a little of season flare to your house, and make this festive welcome mat.

Enjoy :)

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Step 1: Materials

To make your very own stylish doormat all you will need are a couple of very simple materials. You can find them lying around your house, or you may need to buy them. If you decide to buy the materials, they shouldn't be too pricey. So what you will need is:

A small towel, rug, mat

Autumn leaves


colorful net/mesh

pinecones or any other festive items

Step 2: Making the Welcome Mat

First take the net/mesh and place it on top of the towel/rug. Then using the scissors cut the mesh, leaving extra on each sides, to tuck under the mat so we can tape it. Now take the mesh, and tape it to the bottom of the towel. If the mesh has bubbles, pull it from both ends, and quickly tape it to the bottom. Once done with that take the leaves, and other festive items and make a shape of a W, meaning welcome. And you are done!!! how easy was that!!

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    5 years ago

    Please like, comment and vote I love haring the feedback you guys have.

    Thanks :)