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Hey Guys, this is scarlettspider! This is my first ever Instructable and I based it on the new movie Avengers: Infinity Wars (part 1), hope you guys like it!

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We all like cool photos, we use them as wallpaper for Phones, E-mail, and Desktop screensavers. Though sometimes, you only want certain things about the picture. This is why I made this Instructable. To help people know how to make awesome photos. This is fairly simple to learn and once you learn it, you can do a lot more with Photoshop.

Before we begin, you must have access to:

1- Computer

2- A mouse (its easier to make it look good)

3- Photoshop

4- Time to spare

Step 1: 1- Pick an Image

Go ahead pick one... it shouldn't be too hard to find one you like. Find one that interests you and save it.

after that open up Adobe Photoshop and do the following



3-Go to your saved picture

4-Open it

now the photo should be on the template for Photoshop

Step 2: 2- Now, Time to Make It a Black and White Photo

The button highlighted above is the black and white button, this does two thing

1-makes another image over the colored one

2-makes the top one black and white

if you dont know what this is for its so you can get rid of the black and white layer to show the colored layer underneath.

On the word Docx:

Blue is the eraser and/or pencil setting. This is how you edit how big or small of an area to erase or restore

(kind of like the infinity gauntlet...)

Red is the color setting. This allows you to restore or erase while in the eraser setting. To erase the B/W layer it is usually the white color on top, while if you want to restore little bits (or big areas) of erase B/W layer is the black on top. This has been reversed on rare occasions for unknown reasons...


Step 3: 3- Erase the B/W Layer

Make the brush the eraser icon so you can erase the B/W layer. Then make the layer color white black in the picture (this is the two boxes in the bottom left corner) make sure the white is on top, that will allow you to erase the black and white layer while keeping the color layer. if you do too much you can restore the black and white layer with the black box (on top) , then just draw. It should turn out like the image of the gauntlet above.

Step 4: 4- Patience... Is a Virtue...

Sorry, this part is on you... now you have to work on getting the color brought out.

... This part is really long...

You done yet...

-if yes, -if no,

GREAT, move along Keep going...

Step 5: 5- Pro Tips... Simplified

Red is the Levels- This is to express the overall picture in a specific color. pressing this will open a little box to allow you to alter the hue of the color.

Tip- Use this to make your picture only emphasize only one color overall in the picture

Warning: The entire picture will become hues of this color. Make sure this is what you want before moving on.

Blue is the View- This will allow you to see only certain layers. if its on, you can see it. (as long as there is not a layer on top of it.) If its off, it makes it disappear.

Tip- Use this to see the below layers.

Warning: This will make the other layers disappear so make sure that you turn the other layer back on before moving on.

Green is the Selected layer- This will allow you to draw only on certain layers. To do this to edit other layers

Tip: This is how you edit the Top B/W Layer throughout the entire instructable

Warning: Make sure the B/W Layer is selected... or else you will erase the WRONG LAYER!!!

Step 6: Success!!!

There you are now you know how to make photos like this and make them look awesome. Thanks and please Vote up, Like, Comment, Share this Instructable!

Step 7: Here Is a Little Something to Get You Started...

Here are some colorful ideas to get you started. Please share what you do with these photos along with the finished piece. Good luck!

Good luck from the scarlettspider

"Thwip, Thwip"

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