Introduction: Awesome Cardboard Checkers

HI guys this is my first instructables so please bear with me

Anyways to start making the checker board you will need the following tools

Step 1: Tools

1: A yard stick

2: A right angle

3: A razor blade knife

4: A compass

5: Scissors

6: A sharpie

7: A pencil

8: A razor blade

9: And an eraser

Cut a peice of cardboard into a square that is 20 1/2 inches square use the right angle to get the edges straight

Step 2: Make the Board

Next make a mark at half an inch on each side of the board and draw a line between them

Then another one at three and a half inches

Then keep going till you reach the end of the board

Turn the board 90 degrees and repeat the same steps

You should have a grid on the cardboard with a half an inch on each side like the third pic without the coloured in parts

Next colour in all avery other square so it looks like the third pic

Then add the numbers and letters as shown in the first pic (this is only needed if you play checkers with someone over the phone or email)

And you area done the board!!!!

Step 3: Checkers

Next to make the checkers use the compass to draw a circle approx 1 inch in diameter repeat twelve times

Then use the razor blade (not in the knife so be extremely careful you don't cut yourself. i put the blade in a vice and cut the cardboard around it) to cut out the circles

Step 4: Checkers

Then it should look like this

Then just sharpie in half of the twelve checkers black and you are ready to go

Step 5: Ending

So that is it hope you enjoyed this project it is a great way to recycle and makes an awesome conversation piece

Also this is in the cardboard contest so I would greatly appreciate it if you voted for this project.

thanks and have a great day

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