Introduction: Awesome Leather Bracelet

Really cool leather bracelet that is not to hard to make .

You will need a basic leather stitching kit, lighter, and a pointy peice of metal.

Step 1: Cuting the Leather

Start with a peice of leather, how ever wide and long you desire it to be. make sure you draw lines on the back of it, you will lose track fast of where the peices go if you don’t. Then cut it into little shapes.

Step 2: Punching Holes for Stitching

Start punching holes on all four sides of the peices, except for the two bottom peices. Don’t worry about making the holes too strait, it adds to the character of the braclet if they're not.

Step 3: Stitching

Start underneath the braclet up the top to the next side down through, and repeat.for the sides of the braclet just keep go up through the side down and through the next one, and repeat.when your done stitching. After you are all done stitching tuck the left over lacing uder the stuff you just stitched. As shown in pics.

Step 4: Mark, Then Punch Holes

First mark the holes at the two end of the braclet, then punch a bigger hole for a thicker lace.

Step 5: Burning the Leather

The dark parts are just burnt leather, but before you burn it make sure you wet the leather. How you make it look like the second pic is just heating up a peice of metal then rubing it back and forth on the patch desired. The forth pic is again heating up a pointy peice of metal, then push hard and scrap the leather.

And that petty much does it, hope you liked it, and that it all made sense.

Thanks for reading.

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