Introduction: Awesome Moving Gears Controlled by Awesome Buttons (to Be Continued)

Physical / electronic game design for UCLA Design Media Arts with Eddo Stern. This instructable is incomplete. The project is still in progress.

Step 1: Cut Track Mount

Cut two pieces of wood (0.5" x 1.5" x 1') as mounting surface for the gear tracks

Step 2: Mount Tracks

Clamp down gear track to the mounting surface. Make sure it's stable and does not shift when drilling. Drill a small hole about 0.2" away from the edge of the wood mounting surface. Put in the screw after and repeat for the other side.

Step 3: Make Servo / Gears Module

Cut mounting surface (not shown) and mount one continuous servo and one 180 servo to the board. Make sure the continuous servo is mounted on the bottom and 180 servo on top of the wood surface.

Step 4: Attach Servo/Gears Module to Tracks

Clamp down track with spacing same as the width of the servo gears. Make sure the servo module fits snugly and does not fall down.

Step 5: Track #2

Repeat for second set of track and servo / gear module.

Step 6: Making Room on Game Board

When done with the servo / gears module, prepare to cut the game box surface to accommodate the tracks (with same measurement as previous step. roughly 2" apart).

Step 7: Mount Track to Game Board

Attach the tracks on to the back side of the game area. Make sure to use the servo/gears module to test whether it can move freely.

Step 8: Arduino + Wiring

Add 4 buttons (2 for each servo module. left / right). Sync up servos and button to Arduino.

Step 9: Physical UI

Drill holes and mount buttons to the game area.