Introduction: Awesome Paper Tree

So I imagine most people visiting this are from the FOE page I'm a part
of. HI FOE'S!!!!!!!!!! HI EVERYONE ELSE!!!! Thank you for coming to my first instructable. So you like my paper tree? I saw one at a particular craft store chain and decided I could make one at home from things I had and make it even better. I hope this is easy to follow. I didn't embellish the tree I made to have pics for this tutorial because, well, I didn't feel like it, lol. Plus I'm offering it to my crafty sister in law and she can embellish it herself, as she is like me and hoards all the pretty sparkly things.

Step 1:

Ok enough rambling. Lets get to what you will need.

Several 12x12 sheets of pretty paper of your choice (thing of all the diff holiday versions you could do!)

Glue gun and lots of glue sticks

Poster board or a foam cone

Paint in the complimentary colour of your choice

Paint Brush and water



String (maybe)


Newspaper or old flyers

Topper of choice to top your tree when your done

Embellishments of choice (tree bits, berries, sequins, the options are endless!)

Step 2:

So I was using some leftover black poster board from a past project. I was maximizing on what I had so my cone is about 13.5 inches tall. Finished diameter was about 7 inches and according to a math thing I found on google my circumference was about 22 inches. I used the string to approximate the circumference I wanted to get the size of the curve. I used the same string to tie to my pencil to mark the curve. Or you could use a ruler to mark out the 13.5 at intervals to make your curve. I also left a little curve at the top. Optional since you can just cut the hole at the end for your topper if you need to.

Step 3:

I chose to tape mine, the tape I used was easy to paint over, was a matte finish I believe. I would normally prefer to hot glue but I knew I'd just burn myself and curse enough to make a sailor blush. I roll it around a bit before taping to help give it the curve. Helps make it easier to tape. Also taped the inside a bit, trickier the further up.

Step 4:

Time to paint this up!! I chose a pretty metallic copper that I've probably had for too long but it still works, lol. Took 3 coats. I'm so sorry I used an old paper that had Ryan Reynolds, he's so hot!

Step 5:

I used 3 different complimentary colour/patterns to make this one. I used 36ish 2 inch x 6 inch pieces and 33ish 1.5 inch x 6 inch pieces. Plus another bit to cover at the top. Fold all your pieced in half the long way. Make sure they're even.

Step 6:

Now for the most time consuming soul sucking part. Folding up these buggers to form the curve and hot gluing them. Make sure the cut part is facing up. You want them to overlap just a bit and hot glue them in place. I also glued down the flappy bit in the front and back. You'll see what I mean.

Step 7:

Time to glue these buggers on! I use a healthy bit of hot glue and starting with the wider pieces I glue them on, overlapping them a bit. I started where I want my front to be with the tape seam in the back. I offset the patterns by 2 places for the effect I liked best but you can do it however you want because it's your tree! And it's going to be AWESOME!. I did 2 rows of the larger pieces and 4 rows of the smaller ones. I had some leftover of each size but better to have too many than having to go back and cute more. I used a couple of the bigger ones in the back of the smaller rows to fill the odd sized gaps, all depends on your spacing. Anyone looking close enough at my tree to tell me I used a different size higher up can get the f**k out of my house. You don't need that kinda negativity in your lift.

Step 8:

Time to cover up the top part with an odd bit of paper. I remember it was 2.5 inches wide and 5 inches long I believe. I wrapped it around t see where it was going to overlap and then gave it a little curve to look nicer and hot glued that sucker on. I cut one end to not have the overlap go to the front.

Step 9:

So now you got the tree made. All that's left is embellishment! You can top your tree with whatever you like or not at all! I love these pretty stars I got. Sorry I didn't embellish this one for the tutorial but I did have a pic of the first one I made which is embellished at the start of this. So make yours as glittery and fab as you like! Or leave it plain too, This pattern has a lot going on so it still looks amazing. I hope you found this tutorial handy and I hope you have fun making all the trees!

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