Introduction: Awesome Party Dress

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this dress is a good dress for any party that you or your children might be going to it's really simple if you know how to sew

Step 1: Making the Pattern

the first thing you do is tape a lot of paper together and trace the person who the dress is for leaving a little extra space around the top half of their body. Do the same thing with the other half of their body but make a dress shape. I recommend doing the top and bottom halves on different papers.

Next you cut out the pattern you have made. Than you put the skirt and top together to see how big it will be.

Step 2: Choosing Your Fabric

choose your fabric wisely so you don't regret what you choose

Step 3: Transferring Pattern to Fabric

Fold your fabric in half, Then lay the pattern on top. make lines with a sharpie,where the pattern is. cut the fabric on the lines. Than put the top and bottom together to see how they look.

Step 4: Sewing

first get out a sewing machine or if you're really good at hand sewing it will work. Remember to sew it inside-out once you're done sewing hand sew the top and bottom together.

Step 5: Love You're Work

you should be so proud you just made a dress!

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