Introduction: BACON!! and Egg Bracelet

Who doesn't love bacon and eggs enough to wear them around your wrist as a fashon statement? O.K. this is a little silly but also a fun one to make.

Here is a list of things used on this project:

- pencil and paper

- Leather (one needs to be at least 1.25in by 8in for the bacon portion of the bracelet, the other was just a small scrap I had laying around.

- Some kind of string (I used some thick waxed cotton cord 1mm, used sometimes in leather working)

- Paint (red, yellow, and white)

- Dark brown leather dye

- Swivel knife (this is optional)

- Exacto knife

- Glue

Step 1: Designing and Cutting Out the Parts

1. You need to make your design to trace onto your leather. I used some graph paper i had around. The graph paper I have is really nice because it is broken down into 1in squares and them those are devided into a 10x10 grid. So the bacon ends up about 8in x 1.25in and there are two sizes of eggs, one is1in x 1.25 and the other is .5in x .75in (you need 2 of these).

2. Moisten the leather and trace all the parts over. Be sure to trace the white and yellow parts of the eggs.

3. Cut all the parts out.

4. This is the optional step that uses the swivel knife. I went over the lines that seperate the white and the red parts of the bacon. You could easily just skip this and go on to the painting.

Step 2: Painting and Staining

5. Paint all the different pieces. I painted the backs of the white part of the eggs and the back of the bacon. You do not need to paint the back of the yellow part of the eggs because they will be glued down to the white of the eggs.

6. I also used the dark brown stain on the bacon to tone down the brightness of the red and white. You do this by wiping the stain onto then back off the leather.

Step 3: Making the Hook

I wish now that I took a few more pictures of this part because I am having some trouble discribing what I did here.

7. First I did the "Button" side of the hook. For this I used about a 4in of string and the large egg parts I made. I put 2 holes in the bacon about .25in from one end. I brought the string through the 2 holes and places a knot being sure that both ends of the string were the same length. Then through 2 holes in the white part of the large egg I ran the 2 ends of the string through and made another knot. I left about .5in of string between the bacon and the egg for the loop on the other side to go around. Last for this side glue the yellow over the last knot made to secure it and hide it.

8. Second is the "Loop" side of the hook. For this I used 10in of string and the little egg parts I made. Again on the bacon there are 2 holes about .25in from the end of the bacon. Makes a loop and tie a knot. Feed the 2 long ends of the string through the holes and make another knot to secure it in place on the bacon. I wanted to have 2 little eggs dangling from the bracelet so I put a single hole in the white part of the egg and strung 1 string through and made a knot as close to the end as posible. Then trim the extra string and cover with the yellow of the egg and glue it down. Repeat this with the other string.

Step 4: Finished Product... Mmmmm Bacon!

Now you can wear your love of bacon out for everyone to see. Be proud and be hungry my friends!

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