Introduction: BASIC Stereo System

If you go out on vacation, go on a boat trip, sailing trip or go camping. You ofcourse want to have a good stereo sound system with you. This instructables will show you how you can built your own stereo system. But I will show you only how to built the system inside the box, how to built the box is not included in this instructable. So be creative and find your own box to build your stereo system in, beer crates work verry good as well.

What do you need:

  1. Two loudspeakers, I used two car loudspeakers
  2. Two velleman kits(7W mono amp), velleman website
  3. 47K ohm potentiometer
  4. on/off swith
  5. 12V batteries or 12V adapter DC
  6. 3,5mm jackplug for your phone
  7. 7. AUX cable

Step 1: Soldering the Velleman Kits

Folow the instruction from the velleman kits, if you don't like soldering you can buy this amplifier module ready to use kit.

Step 2: Put Everything Together

Connecting all wires can be a little bit hard, but in the velleman 7W amp module is an instruction that says exactly how to connect everything.

The amplifiers have 6 PCB tabs, at one side it says GND and V+, those need to be connected to the battery, on the otherside it says GND and LS, LS must to the + of the loudspeaker and GND to the - of the speaker. This is your output.

Then you got your input signal, those need to be connected to the potentiometer so you can adjust the volume the other and of potentiometer must be connected to the 3,5mm jackplug.

The 3,5mm jackplug has three wires one for the GND and two for the sound from your phone.

At las put a swith between the battery and the amplifier.

Check the images for more details about wires

Step 3: Finishing Touch

If connected everything in the right way your stereo should be completely working, with stereo the vibrates a lot so I use to put my phone on top of it, but after a couple minutes my phone started walking over the box so it fall of. To solve this problem I put some fur on it to stop the vibrations.

final word:

As you can see this is a verry basic example of a stereo system and there a plenty of varations possible so you can even put the the loudspeakers into two different boxes and place them in different places around the house. Maybe you can use more than two loudspeakers and make a surround system. I hope you will enjoy making this product and come up with your own variation of it.

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