Introduction: BBQ Pizza Partay! Tastes Like Brick Oven Pizza Without the Wood

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Summer is all about having fun and getting together to enjoy the great weather!

BBQ is the easiest way to get your peeps together to celebrate.

This tasty BBQ Pizza tastes like it's been cooked in a brick oven. Use your imagination to make it your own signature pizza just like a restaurant.

This BBQ Pizza Partay enables all of your guests, friends and family to help make their own food, giving the host(s) lots of free time to enjoy the Partay!

Even kids can make their own signature pizza with some help.

Step 1: Supplies

This recipe yields 8-10 personal pizzas!

You'll need:

2 raw pizza doughs

2-3 cup shredded mozzarella and/or cheddar

1-2 sliced bell peppers; colours of your choice

1 sliced sausage or peperoni

1 cup of mushrooms, sliced

1-2 cups of prepared tomato sauce

flour for dusting and rolling

oil for brushing

Step 2: Prep Dough:

Cut each ball of dough into 4-5 pieces

Stretch and roll using your hands or a dusted rolling pin.

Place on a floured baking sheet. ( I like to use cornmeal to prevent sticking)

Step 3: Cooking

Brush one side of pizza's with oil.

Place on a heated (350F) grill, oil side down.

With the lid up, cook for 5 min to get grill marks.

When golden, use tongs to flip pizza. Brush immediately with oil then let each member top their pizza with their choice of ingredients.

Cook for another 5-8 min on the grill with the lid down but, slightly ajar using the tongs to allow some air to escape.

Enjoy with love!

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