Okay friends, this time I will make a piggy bank using only used items. Continue to follow how to make it and see the results. This piggy bank is very easy to make and also safe for saving money well friends.


The materials and tools we need are :

Piece of cloth

Used Astor cans


Thread and needle


Accessories (as decoration)

Step 1: How to Make

Punch the cans using scissors or a knife. Cut the cloth into a round shape like a tin, insert the cloth over the tin, then sew the cloth.

Step 2: How to Add Accessories

Sewing yellow iron on a cloth around the cover of a Piggy bank, then sticking star decorations with glue, as well as the addition of yellow plastic paper decorations placed next to star decorations. After that, the Piggy bank is ready to use.

Step 3: How to Use

Put money in the piggy bank, and your money is safe in the piggy bank.