Introduction: BEST PAPER AIRPLANE IN THE WORLD | Nakamura Lock

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Here you’re going to learn how to make the the Nakamura Lock paper plane which is is named after its creator, Eiji Nakamura, an incredible Origami artist.

This plane flies exceptionally well which I’m sure has to do with its great forward leaning center of gravity. It also looks really cool. For some reason when people who have never made one of these talk about it, they seem to think that the Nakamura Lock Paper Airplane is difficult to make, when its really not much different than most other basic gliders that you’ve made. In this tutorial, I wil show you how simple this plane is to make.

✈ Trimming and Flying Your Plane
Once you've made all of your folds and the plane looks symmetrical, it's time to trim it, or adjust it, for flight. Give it a gentle toss forward. Your goal is to have it glide smoothly and gently to the ground, either flying straight or in a gradual curve.

✈ Make these adjustments, if necessary
If the nose drops and the plane dives into the ground, bend up the back of the wings. A little bend goes a long way. If the nose rises first and then drops, the plane is stalling. Bend down the back of the wing. Keep your adjustments small. When you get the plane to balance on the air and float down gently, then you can give it faster tosses.

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