To make this RC I have used Arduino Uno and a mobile app name Bluetooth RC Controller.

This is the list of things which I have used to make this car:

1. Arduino Uno (ATmega328)

2. H-Bridge Motor Driver IC (l293d)

3. Bluetooth Module (HC-05)

4. Caster Wheel

5. Linear Voltage Regulator (7805)

6. 2A,12V DC Supply

7. Plywood (to make the chassis but you can choose material as per your preference)

8. Two Wheels

9. Some Wires

Step 1: Make Body of the Car

Fix the motors on the two edges of the plywood. Fix the caster wheel on the other side of the to the Motors.Fix your Motor Driver IC b/w the Motors.

Step 2: Make the Program

Make the program or you can use my program.

Step 3: Things to Know If You Want to Customise Program/project.

  • Install the program name Bluetooth RC Controller, it is available on the app store.
  • Make the connection of Bluetooth to the Arduino ( TX of Bluetooth will connect to the pin 10 of Arduino and RX of Bluetooth will connect to the pin number 11 of Arduino ).
  • Now upload the program(provided attachment), after that open the serial monitor and select the 9600 baud rate.
  • Open the app on your mobile phone and then just click one of the buttons, now see the serial monitor it must be showing some value(s).
  • Now you can make some of the changes in the program according to your need.
  • Let me know in the comment section if you are still having trouble.

Step 4:

Now make the connection of the Motor Driver IC to Arduino. Upload the program to the Arduino. Power up your Arduino with 12V and the Motor Driver IC will work on 12V(this is the supply voltage for the Motors you even can change the voltage as per Motors requirement ) and 5V. Now switch on the power supply and enjoy.