Introduction: BMP280+5110 LCD Arduino

Hello World!

I just had a long weekend and after finishing with my electronics soldering i got an idea. I have a few BMP280 sensors that i ordered by mistake , but i didn't use them for a while. This is a very simple sketch to measure the barometric pressure and temperature data.

Let's start!

Step 1: The Parts You Need!

The parts you need for this project:

1 X Arduino Uno ( Eg: Robotdyn Uno)

1 X Breadboard

1 X Nokia 5110 LCD

1 X BMP280 Sensor

And some jumper wires.

Step 2: The Pinout!

Nokia 5110 LCD:

RST: Digital 12

CE: Digital 11

DC: Digital 10

DIN: Digital 9

CLK: Digital 8

VCC: Arduino 3 Volts

LIGHT: Arduino ground (If you want backlight)

GND: Arduino ground


VIN: Arduino 3 or 5 Volts

GND: Arduino ground

SCL: Arduino Analog 5

SDA: Arduino Analog 4

Or the dedicated SCL SDA pinout on your arduino, if the board has them.

Step 3: The Code!

1. Place it in your Arduino sketces or libraries folder.

2. Download the correct libraries that are included in the sketch.

3. Place them in the libraries forlder.

4. Open the code in the Arduino IDE.

5. Compile it.

6. Upload it to your Arduino!

Step 4: Basic Informations!

To get the correct barometric pressure modify the (bme.readPressure() / 98.7); in the sketch.

You still can get help from the local waether forcast station barometric data to get accurate results.

The temperature measuring is not very accurate with this sensor. If you don't want to measure temperature, then uncomment it in the code.

I hope that you will like it and take good use of it!

Pls feel free to use this code or advence it.

Step 5: A Compact Prototype!

If you want a smaller project, you still can use a PCB board with a standalone Atmega328P-Pu chip with some wires and a little time to solder it together.