Introduction: BMX Bike Custom Paint

This is my first project ,first instructables and first upload i hope this is somewhat useful

Step 1: Things Need for the Project...

  1. Screw kit
  2. Chemical paint stripper or paint remover
  3. Aerosol paint primer and color
  4. sand paper different types

Step 2: Paint Stripping and Removing

You can try different method to remove paint from the body

  1. Try removing paint by burning the entire body with fire but for this you would need to completely dismantle the entire body i.e ball bearing grease E.t.c.this process is the best but it would leave burnt stain on the body .
  2. Chemical paint stripper this one is another alternative but it smells a lot,you would need a brush a hand glove and the paint stripper and apply it on the body and after 30 minutes scrape it off with with a thin metal sheet the one that you see in the second and third picture
  3. Use sand paper to polish the frame sand it down in circles what it does it removes rust as well ,and give a smooth finish to the frame !

Step 3: Metal Brush and Chemical Stripper

To remove the paint from the corner you wood need a metal brush and chemcal stripper the second image that you see was the last method in which i used a fine sand paper and polished the entire frame .

Step 4: Primer

You would need an aerosol primer paint ,then you can hang the bike frame and spray it from a distance of 15 Cm take care of the wind that might affect the painting .

Step 5: Flat Black Paint

i used a flat black paint and painted it ,sprayed it twice .

Step 6: This Is How It Looks (Avon the Bike Brand )

This bike is more than 20 years was kept in 4 months continuous rain just did a little modification installed new hand grip ,2 wheels a seat and a rare tire .