BOOM Wood Lamp




Introduction: BOOM Wood Lamp

I love comics books and one day, when i was reading one hit me an idea. Wow let's make a comic lamp :).

It's not so hard as it looks. The lamp is made of plywood. Piece of plywood depends of how big your lamp must be.

You also need a small piece of wood to connect the "BOOM" with "flash", cord, paint and a little time and a lot of patience (when the paint dries long) :)

Have fun!!! :)

Step 1:

Draw a pattern on plywood and cut jigsaw.

Step 2:

Cord and the rest of electrical stuff :)

Step 3:

Now painting the "flash"... patience :P

You don't have to use a wood paint. I used acrylic paint.

Step 4:

The word "Boom" I painted on both sides in white as a base.

It is important to back side was white to reflect light.

Step 5:

We drill a hole in a small piece of wood, and then you have to paint it white.

Step 6:

Connect a small piece of wood with a cable and the rest of the electrical stuff :)

Step 7:

Now combine all the elements together with screws. The word "BOOM" and the small piece of wood I combine where the bomb is.

And now you can paint the word "BOOM".

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    4 years ago

    Very nice!

    I love this kind of wall-art lamp fixture. This is really well done!