Introduction: Bullys Customs Ford Model-T C-Cab

based on a 1923 ford model-t c-cab

the chassis and engine are a w.i.p.

Step 1: Create a Box

create a box 100mm tall, 115mm wide and 175mm long

Step 2: Rounding the Corners Step 1

add a circle hole 80mm tall, 10mm wide and 20mm long, then add a box 40mm tall, 20mm wide and 20mm long

then put the circle hole 5mm into the side of the box

Step 3: Rounding the Corners Step 2

join the circle hole and the box together. then change the height of the shape to 60mm and change to a hole.

Step 4: Rounding the Corners Step 3

change the length of the shape to 175mm or longer than the first box. then position the shape next to the first box like in the picture.

Step 5: Rounding the Corners Step 4

make a copy of the shape and save it for later. join one of the shapes with the box.

Step 6: Rounding the Corners Step 5

using the copy of the shape mirror to the other side and position against the box.

Step 7: Rounding the Corners Step 6

copy the shape once more and then join one of the copied shapes and join it to the box.

Step 8: Rounding the Corners Step 7

using the last copied shape turn -90 degrees and move to the back of the box.

Step 9: Rounding the Corners Step 8

join the shape with the box.

Step 10: Hollowing Out the Box Step 1

copy the box and turn the copy into a hole, then move the copy forward 2mm.

change the width of the hole to 111mm (take 2mm each side) and the height to 96mm.

move up 2mm.

Step 11: Hollowing Out the Box Step 2

join the two shapes together.

Step 12: Making the Roof Step 1

add a circle hole 90mm long, 62mm tall and 115mm wide. move 40mm above ground and 25mm into the cab.

Step 13: Making the Roof Step 2

copy the hole and move the copy 10mm up and 10mm back. turn into a solid.

Step 14: Making the Roof Step 3

unjoin the first shape and then join all of the shapes back together.

Step 15: Making the Floor

add a box to the front of the cab 2mm tall, 105mm wide and 50mm long.

join the two shapes.

Step 16: Making the Cowl Step 1

add a box 48mm tall, 105mm wide and 18mm long at the end of the floor.

Step 17: Making the Cowl Step 2

add two circle holes 41mm long, 50mm tall and 53 wide, 5mm into the ends of the box.

Step 18: Making the Cowl Step 3

add another circle hole 25mm tall, 115mm wide and 40mm long, 37mm above ground.

Step 19: Making the Cowl Step 4

join the box and 3 circle holes together.

Step 20: Trimming the Floor Step 1

add a box hole 20mm wide, 20mm tall and 58mm long next to the floor.

copy for the other side.

Step 21: Trimming the Floor Step 2

angle the box hole -7.5 degrees.

copy for the other side

Step 22: Trimming the Floor Step 3

join the 2 box holes to the floor.

Step 23: Adding the Bead Step 1

get a circle 175mm long, 1mm wide and 2mm tall. 41mm above the ground.

position next to the side of the body.

copy for the other side.

Step 24: Adding the Bead Step 2

copy the circle and turn it 90 degrees. change the width to 115mm and move to the back of the cab.

join ALL shapes together.

Step 25: Putting Windows in the Back Doors

get a circle hole 37mm tall, 23mm wide and 20mm long. 51mm above the ground. position in the back of the cab. copy and move the copy to the other side.

join holes to the body.

Step 26: Positioning the Body

angle the body forwards 3 degrees.

lift up 14mm above the ground.

Step 27: Building the Frame Step 1

get a box 6mm wide, 11mm tall and 90mm long.

angled -4 degrees,14mm above the ground.

position at the front of the cowl.

copy and move to the other side.

Step 28: Building the Frame Step 2

add a circle 10mm tall, 10mm long and 110mm wide. 20mm above the ground.

position at the end of the first frame piece

Step 29: Making the Wheels Step 1

add a tube 10mm tall 25mm radius, 5.18 wall thickness, 64 sides, bevel 4 and 10 bevel segments.

Step 30: Making the Wheel Step 2

add a circle 6mm long, 6mm wide and 12mm tall.

Step 31: Making the Wheels Step 3

add 4mm diameter circles 40mm long as spokes.

36 degrees apart.

colour and join shapes.

Step 32: Making the Wheels Step 4

add a tube 35mm radius, 27mm wide, 6mm wall thickness, 0.41 bevel, 10 sections.

Step 33: Making the Wheels Step 5

copy the tube and change the width to 29mm (1mm each side), the wall thickness to 10mm and the bevel to 3.71.

Step 34: Making the Wheels Step 6

add a sphere 50mm tall 8mm wide and 50mm long. move into the centre of the wheel.

colour and copy wheel to the other side.

Step 35: Making the Grill Step 1

add a box 37mm wide, 36mm tall and 12mm long. 4.5 radius, 14mm off the ground.

Step 36: Making the Grill Step 2

add a box hole 24mm tall 20mm long and 43mm wide.

join to the box.

Step 37: Importing the Engine

import the ls3 engine available on cults 3d (

70mm long

Step 38: Colouring the Body

colour the body whatever colour you want

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