Introduction: Baby Bath Mat

Quick, Easy and Perfect gift to add to baby shower gift basket or to make one for your own baby!

My mum sent me store-bought baby bath mat when my daughter was born two years ago. It was such a useful thing consisting of upper layer of thin towel and bottom layer of rubber mat. I used it in sink when my baby was small, it had the grip and softness for baby skin. When she became older i used to spread it in shower/ tub and would sit her on it. It lasted a long time. With baby 2 coming shortly, Unfortunately i cant find it where i live now so thought to make one myself.

The only downside to that mat was it didnt pass the water through it. So if baby peed or something, rubber mat would fill the sink with dirty water which i didnt like at all! But I had an IDEA!

Step 1: Materials

Made from:
Leftover (clean and new) Microfiber Washcloth (big enough for sink)
Leftover anti-slip Mat (big enough for washcloth)
Pretty Ribbon for making bow(if you are gifting)

Step 2: Sew It Up

Thread the needle.

Lay antislip mat on back side of washcloth.

Working from right to left or other way around(the way you are comfortable with) sew through holes of mat into the washcloth, securing them together. Sew all four sides.

Then sew one line of stitching in middle to secure it completely.

Trim excess mat if necessary.

Annnnddd you are DONE!

See how easy and quick it was!

My mat is perfect for our sink and as antislip mat has holes in it so no filling up of water this time!

Just one thing, waiting for my Baby!

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