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Introduction: Baby Carrier Cover

I am going to show you how to make an easy cover for a baby carrier. It is great in the winter when it is really cold and you want to keep the baby warm. It also makes a great gift for the parents to be.

Step 1: Pick Your Fabric

You will need two pieces of fabric that is at least 42 by 42. If you fabric is 42 inches wide you will need a 1 1/4 yards. I picked one that is soft like a flannel. The second piece needs to be heavier like a denim or heavy broadcloth. You want it stiff enough that it will hold its shape and not fall in around the baby.

Step 2: Cutting

You need to cut two pieces 36 x 42 inches, one of each fabric. Now put the two on top of each other with the right sides facing each other. You want to draw on the wrong side. Now place a bowl at each corner and draw around the bowl. this will give you nice rounded corners. Cut out the rounded corners cutting both pieces of fabric. Now cut four strips 28 x 4 inches. I had extra material so I did them all from the same material but you can do two from each fabric.

Step 3: Sewing

Keep the big pieces with the right sides together. Now sew all the way around the two big pieces leaving a section about two inches so you can turn the cover. After you turn the cover iron it really good because you are going to sew all the way around with a top stitch. Now do the same with the ties. Put two pieces together right sides facing and sew around leaving a small place so you can turn the tie. After you turn the ties iron the pieces and sew a top stitch where you left the opening. This will hide the opening. I did it in the side because it is not very noticeable. You could also do a top stitch around the entire tie.

Step 4: Attach the Ties

Now you are going to sew the ties on the big piece. Lay the big piece flat so it is 34 inches wide by 40 inches in length. From the top measure 19 inches down and then 12 inches from each side. Now fold the tie in half and sew it where you have measured on the big piece. I usually sew a couple of times to make sure it does not come loose. Do this for both ties and you have finished the carrier cover. You can tie the ties to the top of the carrier.

Step 5: Complete

It is easy to fold up when you arrive and want to get the baby out. It keeps the baby nice and warm when carrying it in and out from the car. It also makes a great blanket to lay on the floor when you are traveling and want to get the baby out and need a place where it can lay.

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    7 years ago

    My friend has one of these and loves it. It keeps the baby warm in the winter and keeps the light out of her eyes when she is sleeping. Great product with a variety of materials you can use so you can make it for any baby!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. I have given these as gifts and everyone loves them. Especially when you can make it to match the car seat.