Baby Mobile Birthday Present for Kids

Introduction: Baby Mobile Birthday Present for Kids

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Treasure Hunt to find material in your Home to make a baby mobile!

Rules for the Treasure Hunt:

- Always have an Adult watching to help!

- Go for a Walk with your parents to collect treasure to make your present (Follow the Treasure Map)


Step 1: Treasure Hunt to Find Treasure

- Collect the items on the treasure map.

- For the treasure at X, go on a walk with an adult and find some local treasure around your house

Step 2: Painting

- Read the Health and Safety

Treasure needed for this step:


Paint Brush

Toilet or Kitchen roll

Step 1:

- Paint or colour card rolls
- Leave to dry

Step 3: Cutting Material

Tools needed:

Pen, Scissors

Step 2:

  • Print out 'Cut Out Shapes'
  • Cut out all the shapes

Step 3:

  • Place shapes on old clothes or material
  • Draw around shapes
  • Cut the shapes out

Step 4: Shapes

Step 4:

  • Staple shapes on to painted roll

Step 5:

  • 2 Hole Punches on each Card Roll

Step 6:

  • Parents - Cut plastic bottles in half

Step 7:

  • 2 hole punches on each bottle

Top Tips!

-Use sharp scissors for cutting Plastic Bottles

- Take the lids off plastic bottles when cutting

Step 5: Ribbon

Step 8:

  • Use Parents Help - Cut ribbon to fit round water bottle cap - Staple ribbon together

Step 9:

  • Cut 3 pieces of ribbon or strings the length of 2 hangers

Step 10:

  • Thread the ribbon through hole punches

Top Tips!

-Watch video to help out!

- Take the lids off plastic bottles when cutting

Step 6: Treasure

Step 11:

  • Sellotape shells to ribbon or string

Step 12:

  • -Fill Plastic pots with the treasure!

Step 13:

  • -Hang the hangers

Top Tips!

- Keep an eye out for BALANCE

- Have a parent to help!

Step 7: Finish

Step 14:

- Staple the ribbon ends to the Hangers


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