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Introduction: Back-Packer's Tin Can Stove

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While I was watching Food Network's "Cutthroat Kitchen," one of the sabotages they used was a tin can stove. Inspired, I have created an Instructable. (The can I used was a 28 oz. tomato can.)

Step 1: Preparing the Can

First, wash out your can thoroughly, but be carful about the sharp edges.

Step 2: Ventilation

Next, punch holes around the perimeter of the can that is unopened. To do this, I set the can lengthwise on a partially opened vise. I used a nail to punch the holes, but you could use a drill if you wanted.

Step 3: More Ventilation

Next, cut openings on the open side of the can. This also helps with ventilation.

Step 4: Candles

I used unscented tea lights. It is a little hard to see in the photos, but I added more holes and openings because when I tried the first time, the candles suffocated! (If you added a lot of ventilation, but the candles still go out, try taking one out.)

Step 5: Cook Something and Enjoy!

Now you can cook anything! Actually, it has to be somewhat small, and if you're making pancakes, thin batter works better. And if you need to flip something, I advise using tongs, because the sides get hot. Otherwise, enjoy your personal, mini griddle!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    will do I really love to learn something like this from you people thank you for teaching an old broad some new tricks and some really great education. S.j? Itzenthaler


    6 years ago

    We use to call them hobo stoves. Small coffee cans were the favorites