Introduction: Backlit BatMan Logo

After the other batman logo I made, I thought about how to get it bigger and better...

Having a dig around I found a good sized piece of hardboard, a nice template, some led strip and an idea..

Let the making begin..

Materials :


2x A3 Printed half batman logo

Matt Black spray paint (All I had was enamel, but it did the job)

Tools :

Jigsaw / Bandsaw

Glue Gun

Step 1: Layout and Cut

I printed a half logo onto a few A3 pages in case I made mistakes, then cut them out and laid them onto the hardboard so I could see how they looked.

Under supervision of the cat, I glued them to the BACK of the board.

Using a JigSaw (Wish I had a bandsaw) I followed the edge of the paper and cut out the shape.

This needed some finishing with sandpaper.

Step 2: Make Batman Black

Next step was to ensure I had a good covering of Black on BatMan, so I covered a table (outside) with newpaper to prevent overspray (not enough and got overspray on the table)

Next I did 4 thin layers over paint, which is more effective that one big thick coat, ensuring each layer is even.

This will prevent any light patches on the finished product.

Step 3: Stiffen and Light It Up...

batman was floppy !!!!!

So needed to give him a backbone, so a piece of 45mm x 15mm wood was hotglued to the back, I will also use this as a point to hang it on the wall.

Next was to add some light to the back to finish the effect, this was simply some led strips that I cut down and wired together.

the end effect, am sure you will agree, is pretty awesome :)

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