Introduction: Backpacking for 8 Days

Have you ever wanted to go hiking in the woods? or a backpacking trip well i go a lot with freinds and when we first started it was a big learning experience. so here are some tips on what basic and easy things to pack

Step 1: Step 1 Buying the Right Things and Cheap

so ill break this in to three parts a,b,and c.

first food well taking food that needs to be cooked sucks some places you can't start fires and its the wrong season. so i went with MRE'S,now everyone has there own special way of finding deals,well not me i just went to a military surplus that had the best deal for mres with and without chemical heaters only one comes in the meal but you dont have to use them every time so save some for later or your next hike. mres with heater are a dollar more so not that bad. each mre is 1000 calories so depending on how much you eat depends on how much to buy. for me 2 a day so 16 and always pack extra.

next medical this one is easy you can just take what you got at home or buy a first aid kit me i did both plus i got a book for injuries just in case one of us get a injury.

nexted is odds and ends. first is power i recommend buying a hand crank/solar radio that can get wet. the one i got is a voyager it was $30 when i got it so should be cheaper now. a battery for your phone anything that is 20 to 30,000mah will do it to save you battery on your phone turn it off or put it on airplane mode. when i go, i go for a week without charging. so i turn it off.rope (about 300 feet), knife, fire starter these are a must because anything can happen.

remember to protect you stuff in your bag from things like rain or if you need to go through a river or fall in water. i got a ziplock vacuum seal to seal everything i love that thing. i will keep all your stuff nice and dry

Step 2: A List of Every Thing I Put in My Bag

17 MRE
14 chemical heaters
11 spoons
emergency radio
300 feet of rope
4 hooks
water resistant bag
fire starter
multiple use tool
2 knife
13 books of matches i smoke (bad habit)
11 packs of tp/fire starting
15 pieces of gum
4 packs of tea
13 towelettes
10 packs of salt
10 packs of pepper
4 little bottles of hot sauce
5 spiced cider packs
bbq sauce
chocolate peanut butter
steak sauce
4 lemonades packs
6 packs of sugar
6 packs of creamer
6 pack of coffee
2 cocoa packs
4 grape jelly
3 mio energy bottles
9v led flashlight
rubber bands
17 4inx4in gauze pads
1 survival wrap
3 ace bandage
1 chapstick
1 tiger balm
1 vicks vapo rub
1 box of urinary discomfort pills
1 Neosporin
toothpaste and toothbrush
18 handwarmers
1 first aid kit
kt tape
solar panel 1.5 watt

Step 3: Planning

when planning remember to take a map and in some places a tom tom or garman they will work if you have signal. always be prepared for the area you will be snakes,spiders,bugs,rain, sun,snow. remember always be safe never know what will happen but the sites are so worth it

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