Introduction: Bacon Braid

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Who doesn't love bacon? It's delicious, crunchy and full of flavour. Just as puff pastry. That's why these two combined are the perfect match.

Today I'll teach you how to make this bacon braid. It's so tasty and it looks beautiful. And even though it looks fancy you can make it in 30 min.

Step 1: ​ Gather Your Ingredients

400gr puff pastry. I bought mine frozen, and it worked as good as the one I buy fresh.

1 bell pepper.

300gr cheese (mozzarella or marbled)

1 egg

200gr bacon

1lb chicken breast (boneless and skinless)



Step 2: ​ Prepare the Chicken

Slice the chiken breast so that it cooks faster.

Season with salt and pepper.

Once cooked chop them.

Step 3: ​ Chop the Ingredients

Chop the pepper. Cook the bacon and chop it. Slice the cheese

Step 4: ​ Roll Out the Dough

Handle the puff pastry carefully, don't knead it, just roll it out.

With 400gr of puff pastry you can make a 12x10 in renctangle. The thickness should be not less than 4mm.

Put the ingredients in the middle, leaving 1in without stuffing on each end. First the chicken, then bell peppers and bacon, finally the cheese. But only add 2/3 of the bacon. We need some for the last step.

Step 5: ​ Make the Braid

To make the braid cut the pastry as shown in the picture. Space the cuts as evenly as possible, about 1 inch apart.

Begin folding the first part over the stuffing as shown in the picture.

Take one piece and bring it to the middle, then take one from the opposite side and bring it to the middle too. Continue doing so until you cover all the stuffing.

Step 6: ​ Final Details

Whip the egg and fully cover the braid with it. Don't use all the egg.

Add the remaining bacon, thinly chopped, as a topping. It will get even crunchier while the puff pastry bakes.

Bake it until the puff pastry is golden and crispy (mine was ready in 15 min) So tasty!

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