Introduction: Bacon and Eggs Chainmail/wire Sculpture/wall Hanging

Yum Yum...

Step 1: Supplies

You will need  14 g copper wire, mini bolt cutters (or something to cut the wire), a box cutter, two pairs of pliers, a power drill, a 3/8 steel dowel, gloves, galvanized steel wire 14g and 20 g, a small drill bit,   you will also need a hot glue gun

Step 2: Stripping the Copper Wire.

This step is pretty self explanatory,  but first you will cut the coating and pull it apart to expose the 3 or 4 wires inside. After you have removed all of the coating, you can cut the wires into more manageable lengths. Then you really need to find the method that works best for you to strip the remaining wires. The method  in the pictures works well for me.

Step 3: Making the Rings...

Ok, for this step you will need the dowel. You will need to drill a small hole in the rod big enough for the wire to go through. At this point you will put the rod into your drill, then you take one end of the bare wire and push it through the hole in the rod. Then SLOWLY pull the trigger and guide the wire onto the rod into a coil.

Step 4: Cut the Coil Into Rings.

First of all you need to cut the wire where it goes into the rod, so you can take the coil off of the rod.After that take your bolt cutters and cut the coil into rings. You will not need near as many rings  as I cut, I just like cutting rings and i got carried away.

Step 5: Open Half, Close Half

Next you will need to take both pairs of pliers and open half of the rings, and close half of them. You can see what i mean in the pictures.

Step 6: 4 to 1

First you will need to make your "basic units" then you can  start to weave the chainmail. First you will take an open ring, and put four closed rings on it, then close the open ring. This will leave you with a basic 4 to 1 unit. you will need about nine of these.

Step 7: Weave

This part may b e a bit tricky. you will need to push two of the units together (make sure they are facing the same way), and then you will put a ring through to connect the two units. make sure the ring goes through four rings, then close the ring. Now repeat this until all of the units have been joined.

Step 8: Finish the Bacon

In this step you will finish the bacon. you will need wire to make the edges of the bacon (I used black wire, but you can use any wire) Take the piece of chainmail and push it together until it looks like the picture. then cut pieces of wire to be the same length as the piece of chainmail. Then hot glue the pieces of wire to the edges to make it hold it's shape. Then glue another piece of wire on the other edges, and a couple on the back. Put one more piece of wire down the middle of the front. Finally you can bend the wire to make it look more like bacon.

Step 9: Now for the Egg

In this step you will make the egg. It is pretty easy, first you just take your galvanized wire and make the basic shape of an egg, then wrap it the best you can with a smaller wire ( I used 14 g and 20 g for this step). Then i put hot glue all over the wire to make it look like a fried egg. I also took yellow wire and "coiled" it to make the yolk, then I pushed up the middle a bit to make it look better. Glue the yolk onto the white part, then you have your egg.

Step 10: Bacon and Eggs

you can now make a "plate" to put the bacon and eggs on if you want.

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