Introduction: Badgelife: LED Lamp for Brilliant Ideas

I love the nice badges on hackaday, very nice and lovely. As a none-electronic fresh at Makerfabs, I am curious about how to make a PCBA board, so, a simple badge board could be a good lesson for me.

Step 1: Badge Outlok Design

I use PhotoShop to make my badge outlook design. To be honest, my skill of PhotoShop is bad, and finally I made it, this is my outlook design:

Step 2: Using the Eagle to Draw the .brd File:

Also seems simple, it takes me 2 days... I am not a good student…

Step 3: 3. Simulation Diagram of the Badge Board

The Simulation Diagram looks great:)

Step 4: PCBs Production:

Working at Makerfabs, it is easy and quick for me to produce the sample PCBs:

Step 5: Hand Soldering:

Soldering the LED, switch and battery holder, manually.

Step 6: Finished! It Finally Lights Up!!:

I have made a small batch of this badge, this "LED Lamp for Brilliant Ideas" is a Tiny& Simple Lamp board, with 5 super light LED and a power On/Off switch. It can be used in daily lighting lamp with AAA battery installed.

This is my first try to make something, if you are interested in this badge, contact me! I am willing to send it to you.