Introduction: Ball Bag Buckets

Ball Bag Buckets

This game is called Ball Bag Bucketz. What is this game for? Well this game would be a great game for school, the beach, garage and just basically anywhere. We made this game so kids at recess would find something non complex and enjoyable. Why buy the 80$ set when you can build it half the price!!! The reason we wanted to build this game was because at school when it was nutrition break it would always be crowded and there would be not enough space for about 400 kids outside,so we needed to make games to balance the erratic behavior outside. How we made it we will show you in 6 steps.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

  • Our 2 stores that we went to were Home Depot (hardware store) and Dollarama. Here are all the materials that will be needed for this game. Note: that some of the hardware we had at home and didn't need to purchase.

Dollarama: 3 Sand Castle Buckets,2 medium sized buckets and 5 Rubber Balls

Home Depot Lumber:

  • 4x4x8 feet PT
  • 4x4x12 feet PT
  • 4x4x16 feet PT

Home Depot: Hardware Tools:

  • Speed Square
  • Wooden Screws
  • Drill
  • Washers
  • Level
  • Electric Saw

Step 2: The Base

Take your 4x4x16 pole and cut 6 long rectangles with your electic saw of 24 inches each.

Take your 4x4x12 pole and cut 2 rectangles to 8 inches and two other rectangles to 6.5 inches

With the remaining wood of the 4x4x16 pole and the 4x4x12 pole cut them into 4 parrellograms into 9 inches each.

Take one of the 4x4x24 inches and another 4x4x24 inches and put them together at the end of it.

Then screw them with two screws.

One at the top and one at the bottom.

Now get two 4x4x24 inches and do the same process.

Than take the two pieces you made and make it into a square by screwing them in.

Now after your done making your square take the middle part and tick 2 lines at 10 and 13 inches while you are measuring with the measuring tape.

Take your speed square and complete the rest of the tick to a line to make it 90 degrees.

Now take your 2 4x4x24 inches and place in the lines your marked.

Then screw two screw in.

There you go you finally created the base!!!

Step 3: The Pole and Base

Take your 4x4x5 feet pole and insert it in the base.

Then push the pole,or slide it to the middle.

After doing so screw three screws to the pole from the sides of 2 4x4x24 inches.

Now take the level to see if the pole and base is leveled.

Now you have put the pole in the base!!!!

Step 4: The Arms

Were halfway building this game! Grab your leftover 4x4x8 Wooden piece and Saw 2 Wooden pieces 6.5 inches, another 2 pieces exactly 8 inches long and another this time 4 pieces 9 inches parallelogram shaped wooden piece. Now measure the very top of the 4x4x8 (The pole/stand) all the way down to 10 inches and mark it. Next your going to have to use the speed square to make a line all over that 4x4x8 and pivot carefully as the line needs to be perfectly straight. After that grab one of your 4x4 6.5 inches piece and mark it at the side of 4x4x8 and line the top of the piece on the line we just made with our speed square, and now drill 2 screws one in the left and one on the right on an angle like on the photos shown. Finally take your 9 inches Parallelogram piece and line it and connect it to your 6.5 inches and drill 2 nails facing the 6.5 inches wooden piece and 2 nails facing the 4x4x8 piece so that it would connect, stick and stable. Do the same process the other side. When done with that measure from the 10 inches we marked all the way down to 15 inches and mark it. Do the same thing we did at the top the only difference is that we made our bottom pieces longer for creatively purposes but feel free to build how you want! The final copy of this step should lik

Step 5: The Buckets

THE FINAL STEP: Now place 1 bucket on the very top, 2 buckets on the 6.5 inches and another 2 on the 8 inches. Obviously when throwing balls at it wont work and the buckets will fall so grab your small washers and and drill each of the buckets (with the nails) to the 4x4x8 and just like that were finished. Note that we drilled to 2 washers and nails to each bucket to make it VERY STABLE!

Before Playing make sure everything is leveled and tightly screwed

Have Fun!