Introduction: Banana Ice Cream

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If you want ice cream but don't want to eat unhealthy this is the way to get your craving done! Do this it taste kind if like ice cream but it's healthy and yummy! Try it I know you'll like it! ;)

This is kind of like banana ice cream. I just used bananas and froze them to make them taste like banana ice cream. Pretty much all you do is freeze your bananas for about 4 hours or more or less depending on how you want it, and then eat it! Yumm

Step 1: Bananas

Have bananas

Step 2: Take Off Skin

Step 3: Cut Bananas

Make sure the babas are cut about the same sizes.

Step 4: Grab a Container

Step 5: Put Bananas in Container

Step 6: Put in Freezer

Let it freeze until it's frozen (4 hours or more or less )or how you want it to be.

Step 7: Soothe Like Ice Cream

If you want you can then put the bite size pieces in a blender and blend. The consistency will sort of taste like ice cream.