Introduction: Banana Surprise - Secret Chocolate Infusion

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Banana goes candy...ish.

Imagine grabbing that yellow, bended fruit...

looks like a banana,

smells like a banana,

tastes like a bana... wait, is that chocolate?

everyone loves surprises, and even more if they come totally unexpected!

The banana reveils it's secret only when peeled and after the first bite!

This sure conjures surprised and happy, delighted faces!

It's easy and fast prepared.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools Needed


  • at least one banana, but the effect is better with a whole bunch still attached.
  • chocolate, dark, white or whatever you want :)


  • a sharp knife
  • a straw
  • 2 small bowls for melting the chocolate
  • a pastry bag with long filling nozzle, (or a freezer bag with the straw as nozzle )
  • optional for messages on the banana, a pointy object like a tooth pick or a knitting needle

Step 2: A Careful Cut

First: don't detach the banana(s) from the bunch - the effect will be better if there are prepared and unprepared bananas in the bundle.

carefully cut the banana on the brown thingy on it's lower end.

Don't cut all the way, leave a small hinge!

try to only cut where it is brown, if you do so, the cut will be almost invisible!

Step 3: Space for Chocolate

now we have to make a space for the chocolate core.

take the straw and insert it from the lower end of the banana,

it's kind of tricky to hit the center all the way - so take your time and try to bend the banana and straw in the right direction.

But it's not the end of the world if you hit the peel from the inside, just make sure you don't poke through it.

when your in all the way, twist the straw and carefully pull it out.

the straw will be filled with a banana core that is fine to eat right away :)

Step 4: Melting Chocolate

Chop the chocolate finely (you'll need about 1 to 1.5 tablespoons per banana )

fill one bowl with hot water and the other one with chopped chocolate.

place the chocolate bowl on the hot water and melt until it's really runny.

Avoid to get water in the chocolate.

place the pastry bags nozzle (or a freezer bag with the straw as nozzle) into the banana and fill the bag with

molten chocolate.

Step 5: Fill the Banana

Now squeeze the chocolate into the banana until it's full -

you want to work quickly so that the chocolate get's all the way into the made core - it might help to tap the banana from the other end to get out air bubbles.

when full close the bananas "hinged cap" and wipe away any chocolate that's squeezing out.

while the chocolate hardens, it will be closed perfectly and can hardly be spotted :)

Step 6: Try to Point Out the 2 Prepared Bananas

take a close look,

it's two bananas that are prepared - can you tell which ones?

Step 7: Make the Surprise Bananas More Attractive

If you are the unpatient type, there is a way to mae the prepared bananas stand out.

I use to write short notes and love letters on bananas, and of course that are always the ones that are eaten first.

so just grab a pointy stick ( tooth pick, knitting needles, or whatever you have on hand)

write with subtle pressure your note onto the peel, at first it will be hardly visible but after half an hour it will turn dark brown and catchy :)

Step 8: Surprise and Conjure Happy Faces!

It's so easy to create small surprises in everyday life to keep a friendship or relation growing and healthy :)

so, no excuse!

Grab a surprise banana yourself and be delighted!

~I hope you enjoyed your stay~

Sincerely Mimikry

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