BandSaw Modification for a Streching Belt

Introduction: BandSaw Modification for a Streching Belt

This model of BandSaw seems to have stretching problem, probably do to it's 3 wheel configuration,

So this is like a secondary saw, Don't want to spend any thing on it at the moment,

My solution is to had 2 pulley, both made from 4 Rollerblade bearing, This model has a wide Belt,

Drilling 2 hole in the cast iron casing, did not hurt it at all, :)


So I need 8 bearing, That's one pair of used Rollerblade, (Yard sale)

2 long bolt, and some washer..

That's it,

Drill and ratchet, :)

Step 1: First Try, One Pulley, Was Not Enough,

Step 2: 2nd Try, 2 Inside Pulley, No, Not Working, Belt Does Not Stay in Place,

Step 3: 3rd Try, One Inside Ans One Outside Pulley,

Step 4: Look at It Roll. :)

Step 5:

Tank's for watching,

Revain :)

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