Introduction: Bandsaw Box From Christmas Tree

This is a new tradition for me. I try and make something out of my Christmas tree from year to year. Last year was an ornament. This year I was asked for something handmade. Why not go for my first bandsaw box? Hope that the ible explains the whole process well.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Christmas tree
Lots of sandpaper

Step 2: Last Years Tree

Don't have one? Get as many as you could ever want from your local landfill.

Step 3: Cut Out

The first thing I did was cut a piece off of the bottom. It was perpendicular to the log. Then cut a chunk that will be the drawer innerns.

Now first cut the front and back off

At this point I glued my box back together. I'll include this in the next step.

Now the drawer needs to be sliced and diced.

Simply keep cutting till it starts to get confusing.

Cut sides straight down and save. Cut the bottom 3/4" and save. With the leftovers cut the back sliver off and save.

If done the way I did it,you'll have a front ,bottom,left, right, and back. The left, right,and back need to be cut off height wise. About an inch or so.

Step 4: Glue Up

Lots of figuring going on.
At first I got a little confused. I had to redo the box part. It has the parts. Bottom,back,and body. Mine had a crack that I wanted to keep for dramatic effect. So it was technically four pieces.

The drawer was front, bottom, two sides and back. Clamping is tricky so be patient.

Step 5: Sanding

Sorry but I got carried away late one night without my phone to take pics. It was one of those "hey Ashley,I'm gonna run downstairs and check on my dad's box " that turned into 3 hours of whittling and sanding.

The most of the bark was taken off whith a few knives,chisels,and gouges. Once it was mostly taken off,I used 40 grit to get all the limbs smoothed and taken down. I could have taken all the bark off but decided it would look better if patches of it stayed on. Then wired it Dow with 60,80,120,220 grit.

Next brushed 3 coats of lacquer in a row.

Step 6: Felting

Just something to give a finished look. Certainly not necessarily important.
I used wood glue and applied heavy. Used my fingers for clamping. The

Step 7:

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