Bandsaw and Workshop Tricks.

Introduction: Bandsaw and Workshop Tricks.

For an amateur like me, the bandsaw allows me to do things, albeit not as clean as a pro, that normally require all kinds of fancy tools and jigs. With the bandsaw, I can "fudge" things like dado cuts, and various joints, without really knowing how to do them right. here are some very quick enhancements I use to make the Bandsaw and my space easier to do.

Step 1: The Main Overview.

All kinds of goodies here. Look at the pop-ups in the picture The big thing is the backstop for the bandsaw that actually works: It makes use of a speed square (a must have tool you should have already,) some paint sticks with some left-over bolts, and 2 neodymium magnets that fit into the slots of the speed square. This really works well, more close-up pics in the next step.

Also shown are some other stuff:

storage location for the allen wrenches for the saw that always get lost

reminder to hang the power cord from the ceiling so its not a trip hazard,

and cause its in the picture, the kids old bunk bed as a shelving unit.

Step 2: Details on the Speed Square.

pictures are worth 1000 words.

Step 3: Making Strips

so now I want to make pieces that are the exact width of the paintsticks, Space the speedsquare the exact width of the stock. Put a piece of the thickness you want as a backstop. I run the stock through the jig, then add another piece for a backstop so I can the stock again for another. rinse and repeat.

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