Introduction: BarbeQuick - a Speedy BBQ Pack

This instructable is meant to propose a new concept of grill for fast cooking of our favourite grill recipes... it's the BarbeQuick - a Speedy BBQ Pack :)

The overall idea is to maximize the efficiency of single-use picknic-grills (if we buy it...let's not waste any heat). The way we will do it is by speeding up the cooking process of our meat and veggies and by utilizing every possible hot flat surfaces of the grills.

In this instructable we will build a prototype of the BarbeQuick and we will test it by cooking some food and enjoy some good time with your family and friends.


To build the prototype of the Speedy BBQ Pack, we need:

- 2 picknic-grills

- 1 long aluminum bar (20 x 1 x 2000 mm)

- 1 long M6 screw

- 12 M6 screws x 16mm

- 16 M6 nuts

- a piece of paperboard

Step 1: Create the Frame of the BarbeQuick

The frame of the BarbeQuick allow us to use our two picknic-grills as a "sandwich toaster", and thus to create a bbq concept for speedy-cooking of our meat and veggies. The frame is reusable, and you do not have to build it every time you want to use a BarbeQuick. Just change the grills!

To create the frame, we need 4 metal bars, each about 45cm long (I used a 2m long aluminum bar and cut it into 4 pieces).

We start by curving one side of each metal bar, and creating a hinge joint around the long M6 screw. Finally, to give some space for the meat, we need to bend two of the bars at about 4cm from the hinge joint.

Step 2: Handle and Grill (side 1)

Let's now add the handle and one grill.

For the handle, we use a piece of paperboard which allow us not to burn our hands when manipulating the grills. To connect it to the frame, we wrap the extremity of the two straight aluminum bars with the paperboard and drill screw holes on each bar. Finally, we joint the parts using a screw and nut for each hole.

It is now time to connect one of the two picknic-grills. To do so, we need to place the grill over the part of the frame that we just completed, drill holes through both the grill edge and the aluminum bars, and screw them together.

Step 3: Handle and Grill (side 2)

Let's now add the handle to the other side of the frame, at the extremity of the two bent aluminum parts.

To add the handle, we use the exact same procedure of the previous step.

Finally, we need to add the top grill, make the holes and screw it to the bent frame bars.

And here we go!!! Our BarbeQuick prototype is completed is time to grill! :)

Note that the BarbeQuick frame can be reused for your next barbeque with friends and family. You will only need to replace the grills.

Step 4: Food Preparation

Food preparation is a simple easy step. All we want, is to make sure that when we close the top lid of our BarbeQuick, the charcoal does not fall directly on the food. To do so, we need to wrap everything in aluminum foil.

For this instructable we have wrapped:

- 2 beef steak

- 2 salmon fillet

- 6 mushrooms

- 1 zucchini cut in slices

- 2 tomatoes cut in halves

Every wrap has been seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and some herbs.

Step 5: Cooking With a BarbeQuick

To use the BarbeQuick efficiently, we want to exploit all available surfaces, at any time.

Before firing it up, we put the mushroom pack on the ground and we place the BarbeQuick on to of them. This way, we make sure to use the heat available from the bottom surface of the BarbeQuick, to cook our mushrooms.

Next step is to fire up the charcoal, wait a few minutes and place the zucchini pack, while the coal is still gaining heat. Turn the zucchini pack after 4-5 minutes and cook for a bit more time. By now, about 15 minutes passed.

When the coal is ready, remove the zucchini pack and place the tomato, beef and salmon packs on the grill, and close the BarbeQuick.

While we wait for the packed food to cook, we can exploit the top surface of the BarbeQuick. Here we decided to warm up bread, cook eggs (2 in total, one after the other) and prepare a sauce made of creamy cheese and chive.

Once the eggs have been cooked (about 15 minutes since we closed the BarbeQuick), it is time to remove all the food from the grills.

From the moment we placed the mushrooms on the ground, until we are ready to enjoy an exceptional healty meal with family and just took 30 minues! A real BarbeQuick!!!

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