Barbecued Corn Without Access to Any Barbecue

Introduction: Barbecued Corn Without Access to Any Barbecue

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It is pouring like cats and dogs in India! Nice time to grab a hot roasted corn on the cob and a steaming cup of tea, sitting in the window sill and enjoy the day.

So I thought why not tell people how I make a faux barbecued corn in the kitchen when its raining heavily outside.

Step 1: Ingredients

Corn on the cob (I used the departmental store ones) you can use freshly plucked ones too
Table salt

These are just the minimalistic ingredients I am using. You can improvise as you like.

Step 2: How To

Fire up the kitchen burner and roast on! (Yes! you can make barbecued corn on the kitchen burner)
Put the corn on the burner and start roasting. Make sure you turn the cob once in a while. I had to make 3 turns by the size of the burner I have.
Enjoy the popping and hissing noise.
Once you are done with one turn, just slide the corn forward and continue roasting.
Flip the corn once you are halfway there.
You may use something to hold the corn while rotating.
I used the back side of the tongs we use to move hot utensils around.
When you are done with roasting, just rub the lemon and salt over the cob.

Step 3: Enjoy

Serve and enjoy.
Here is my kid enjoying the tangy cob.

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