Introduction: Barbie´s Glasses With Silhouette Cameo / Portrait

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If you've followed my instructable's account you know that I love making Barbie's accessories. My daughter loves to play with many different fashion accessories but they are so expensive.

So today I am going to show you how I make this glasses, it is very simple (I´ve already done the hardest part, the design) I´m willing to share this file with you, so it will take you a few minutes and because we will be recycling materials, it will cost you nothing.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials



A toy box or some packaging with clear plastic

An electronic cutting machine

Step 2: Cut

Cut a rectangle of clear plastic.

Step 3: Download, Cut With the Machine

Download the file I made and use your cutting machine to cut the vinyl.

Don´t use the sticky mat.
Peel off one and stick it to the clear plastic.

Step 4: Cut the Plastic.

Trim around the edge.

Step 5: Fold

Fold the sides.

Step 6: Add Details (optional)

If you have different colours of vinyl you can mix them, here I put two squares of frosted vinyl, then the glasses outline and finally I cut it. I love this effect.

This is an excellent project to use your scraps of vinyl. Remember I told you to save your scraps of vinyl?

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