Introduction: Barn Door for Our Master Bath

Its done and a big hit! I love having a bathroom door!

When we originally bought our home around a year ago we did not have a door. The space was small and a regular door was not going to work because of the tight quarters. We believe that they used a curtain or some sort of cloth to close the bathroom off but we wanted to bring class to our home!

Step 1: Here It Is Before

Here is the door way when we bought the home. It was a typical door opening that is 6' 8" inside the frame. The door we are adding is going to be 7' so that it covers the frame and allows a smooth appearance.

Step 2: The Door Construction

We took flooring that has the lip and joint ability and cut them to the right height and used enough for the correct width. attached 1x4 boards to the top, middle and bottom. Stained both sides!

what you will need:

5 - 1 in x 6 in x 8 ft Tongue and groove pattern stock boards

2 - 1 in x 4 in x 8 ft pine boards

wood glue

1 1/4" wood screws

Stain of your choice

hardware -


barn style door mounting hardware

Cut 5 boards from the 1x6x8 tongue and groove down to 7' long.

place glue on the tongue part of the boards and attach all 5 boards together and clamp and allow to dry!

Cut 3 boards from the 1x4x8 pine boards to 3' sections. You will use the extra 5' for your header board to mount your hardware too above the door.

place glue on the 3' boards and attach to the boards at the top, middle and bottom of the 7' boards for support and for the right look.

Let dry completely! I let it sit over night!

The next day you will be ready to stain the door and the header 5' board.

Step 3: The Hardware and Header

Had to add a header board to the wall above the door frame so that the door when hanging from the hardware sits correctly.

The hardware was the most expensive part $150 for the style we bought.

Install the header and the hardware you purchase for the sliding door look. There are so many options out there! Shop around!

Add the hardware to the door we stained and built. once the door is stained and the hardware is mounted you are ready to hand your door on the hardware!

Step 4: More Hardware

Once you install the hardware on the door and header you hang the door and add more hardware such as handles to get in and out!

I had to use a drill bit that allowed a circle cut. I personally invested in Bosch Daredevil wood hole saw set that contained 7 pieces so I can make a series of different sized holes. The size will be dependent on the handles you choose.

Once the handles are installed and the door is up! Enjoy privacy again in the restroom!

Thanks for checking it out!

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