Introduction: Barn Wood Birdhouse

With the use of reclaimed barn wood becoming so popular in home design. it is only natural that someone would want a birdhouse made from such wood. This can be used as an actual birdhouse or as a design element for some themed room.

Step 1: Obtain Barn Wood

You will want to find a piece of barn wood that you find appealing. The board should be around six inches wide and up to an inch thick. You will need about 5 ft. The wood should have sharp edges and little to no warp. For $15 I purchased a board 1" x 6" x 6 ft long. It still has red paint and the marks in the wood show that it was milled with a large circular saw mill.

Step 2: Calculate the Sizes of the Pieces

This birdhouse house has seven pieces; a front, a back, two sides, a base, and two roof sections. The exact dimensions or these are determined by the measured width (W) and thickness (T) of your particular board. These dimensions can be found in the PDF file is included with this Instructable. Calculate the dimensions and then cut the pieces. Note that the photo shows the front piece has a chuck missing from the its corner. This is not a problem because the top of the front and back will be cut into a triangular gable.

Step 3: Cut Gables

Mark a 45 degree line on your cutting sled and tack of a wooden straightedge. Place the front on the straight edge an trim the corners on top. Keep trimming until a triangle forms. The front piece now has a gable. Repeat the same process to complete the gable on the back piece.

Step 4: Drill Hole in Front Piece

The front will need an entry hole. I made this up 1-3/4" diameter but the size you use depends on the type of birds you want to attract. Place the hole where you find it most pleasing.

Step 5: Assemble Front and Back to Sides

Glue and nail the front and back to the sides.

Step 6: Glue House Assembly to Base

Apply glue to the bottom of the house assembly and place it on its side. Align the base and nail into place.

Step 7: Assemble the Roof

Butt the roof pieces together and join them with glue and nails.

Step 8: Connect Roof to House Assembly

Apply glue to the top of the gables and drop on the roof. Nail it in place.

Step 9: Variation

Instead of making a wooden roof, you can use antique license plates. Two should be enough.