Basic 3D Design

Introduction: Basic 3D Design

Tinkercad is wonderful free 3D design program on the internet. Once an account is made you will be able to access it from any computer. You also will be able to use the same account for anything AutoDesk, this will be great for later and more advanced 3D design.

I find 3D Printing fasinating but very expensive please help me by voting for this project in the 3D Printing Contest!

Step 1: Create a Tinkercad Account

Go to and create account .

Step 2: Start-up

Once you start a new design you will start with a grid plane. To build a design you will have to use primitives. This includes all basic shapes. You can then re-size and move these basic shapes to create more complex ones. To re-size the shapes all you have to do is click a the shape you want to change then click and drag the small cube until the shape is in its desired dimensions. To move these shapes along the x and y axis you simply have to click and drag. To move the shape along the z axis you must select the shape and then click the black arrow above it. you also may need to duplicate certain shapes, to do this you must select the shape then go to Edit then Duplicate.

Step 3: Rotating

To rotate a shape you must select it then click on one of the black double sided arrows, depending and which axis you want to rotate it, then move your mouse so that the shape reaches its desired rotation. If you want a standard rotation then keep your mouse close to the shape that you are rotating, this way it rotates it in increments of 22.5 degrees. If you want a specific degree of rotation then move your mouse father awayfrom the shape, this will allow you to rotate at increments of a single degree.

Step 4: Changing Color

To change the color of a shape you must select the shape then click the color you want. Remember depending on if and how you print this design color may not show.

Step 5: Using Letter

You can also use letter just like primitives. You can move, size, rotate, and color them.

Step 6: Creating Empty Space

To create empty space you must create at least to shapes. For example, if you wanted to make a box you would have to make two cubes with one being bigger than other. Then turn the smaller cube into a "hole" you can find this option right next to color. Then place the hole cube over the bigger cube so that the only part not being covered up will form a box. Then select both cubes and group them with the Group option in the top right corner.

Step 7: Tips

-Don't build design with an overhang (as seen the picture)

-Make sure the build plane is right size

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