Basic Cobra Hydrosephalus Awareness Bracelet

Introduction: Basic Cobra Hydrosephalus Awareness Bracelet

About: If there is danger I am in, my only exception is heights, they are not for me. I like pyrotechnics and things that blow up or fire.

This is a simple Cobra bracelet that has a blue ribbon which can be substituted for other awareness ribbons, great for beginners or intermediate weavers. Have fun.

Step 1: Materials

2:1/2 buckle
4:Butane lighter
5:Paracord jig (optional)

Step 2: Step One

Fuse the ends

Step 3: Start

Make a regular Cobra bracelet, a little loose in the middle

Step 4: Then

Take your ribbon cord and thread it through

Step 5: Melt

Snip then melt the ribbon

Step 6: Done

And your finished feel free to comment

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    8 years ago

    I made this for my friend who has Hydrosephalus