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Introduction: Basic Drawing

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This is a reupload of my previous Instructable, which I admit wasn't very good, so now that I've gotten better (marginally), I decided to make another one.

(but I'm not deleting the original)

And before you say anything, yes, I know ​the image quality sucks. I had to edit the hell out of them so that the lines look more defined. I swear it looks better in real life.

So yeah! I drew one of my OCs.

Step 1: Head


First, draw a circle. Then draw a line through it, with a little bit of allowance at the bottom, depending on how long you want the face to be. Curve it a bit if you want the character facing somewhere. Draw two horizontal, parallel lines to be the guidelines for the eyes. Add the neck and shoulders.

Second, draw the face. I usually start with the nose and mouth, but if it's a setting where expression matters, I suggest you draw the eyes first. The eyebrows are also every bit as important as the eyes themselves. I drew a confused/amused face. Then draw the nose and mouth. The nose is just a curved line in my style, as is the mouth, but if you're inti more detailed stuff, thenlet your imagination run wild.

Also, don't make the other eye smaller.

Next comes the fringe (and hat!). And ears. Use the eye guidelines to make them even.

And then the rest of the hair with the collarbones. The collarbones ALWAYS connect to the shoulder.

Step 2: The Rest of the Body, I Guess...

This is the part a lot of people have problems. I'm no exception.

Sweater because I'm pretty comfortable with drawing loose clothing and folds. It's a curse for some. But I haven't yet grasped the basics of anatomy, so forgive me.

Some pointers (because I'm bad at writing instructions and I figured the pictures should be self-explanatory):

  • the elbow is directly proportional to the navel
  • loose clothes do not hug the breasts. they hang off, but still outline them
  • thighs almost always dont touch when a person is in a casual standing position
  • four tendons in male hands
  • sweaters and similar clothing tend to bunch up at the hems
  • eyebrows and mouths show the most emotion if you have a similar style

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    6 years ago

    Love the way you described drawing. Step by step and super easy.